“The Myth of J.Z. Smith”

A long form review essay on the work and legacy of Jonathan Z. Smith, published on the American Academy of Religion’s Reading Religion.


“A New Protestantism Has Come”

World War I, Premillennial Dispensationalism, and the Rise of Fundamentalism in Philadelphia. From Pennsylvania History: A Journal of Mid-Atlantic Studies 84, no. 3 (2017): 292-312.


“What is Religion?”

An essay, written to be accessible to beginners, which introduces some of the central problems in the academic study of religion. From Religion in Philadelphia, edited by Elizabeth Hayes Alvarez (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2017).


“Social Power, Pluralism, and Religious Sound in America”

A long form review essay on Isaac Weiner’s Religion Out Loud from Marginalia Review of Books/Los Angeles Review of Books.


“MOVE at 45: A Revolutionary Religion Confronts a Revolutionary Moment”

An essay from a forthcoming edited collection on race, religion, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

spirit in the dark.jpg

“Spirit in the Dark”

A long form review essay on Josef Sorett’s Spirit in the Dark: A Religious History of Racial Aesthetics (Oxford University Press, 2016). From Reading Religion: A Publication of the American Academy of Religion.